Is it time to engage with an external recruiting partner?

Is it time to engage with an external recruiting partner?

There’s no cutting corners to the classic saying of “time is money,” and that includes balancing time for recruiting genuine employees who support the values of your business.

Job Search - Your Guide to What a Recruiter Does

Are your Hiring Managers lacking the resources and time to fill open positions that are critical to the success of their team?

Leaving Hiring Managers without the necessary resources to fill open positions is not only hurting your company’s productivity but also negatively impacting your leadership’s morale.

On The Hook Recruiting is one of the very few staffing partners that will take time to build a relationship with Hiring Managers to alleviate as much recruiting stress as possible.

Good Interview - Your Guide to What a Recruiter Does

Is there a lack of candidates to consider due to this challenging employee market?

Would your team benefit from a larger candidate pool with a more diverse background? It all boils down to data from applicant and business demographics.

On The Hook Recruiting hones-in on algorithms of valuable applicant demographics that will highlight targeted businesses and industries to target your ideal candidates. Also, with our unique Hourly Recruiting Model, we receive a much higher response rate versus traditional recruiting models.

Great Resume - It’s not just the recruitment process that matters, but also the interviews themselves. Great recruiters know the ins-and-outs of great and problematic signs displayed during interviews. On The Hook Recruiting takes its interviewing pro.jpg

Is a focus on diversity and inclusion one of your organizational goals for 2022?

If a diverse team is your goal and you haven’t accomplished it yet, that means your current recruiting resources are not effective.

On The Hook Recruiting is well positioned to immediately expand your reach and create a more diverse and inclusive candidate pool.

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